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6 Lingerie Mistakes We've All Made

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6 Lingerie Mistakes We've All Made

We all have go-to bras and panties that we know can wear with our everyday clothes as well as a few sexy outfits for date nights and other occasions. We have our most comfortable bras and we know how to take care of them. Or do we? Do you know for sure if your bra fits correctly? Have you been storing your lingerie properly, and taking good care of it or are you making a few mistakes along the way? If you are, it’s no big deal, but you might be cheating yourself out of better, longer lasting lingerie if you’ve made any of these mistakes.



Not Being Fitted

I know having someone else fit you for a bra can be intimidating, but really it is nothing to be afraid of. Our ladies at ANGIE DAVIS know what they're doing and know how to fit you correctly (it won't even be awkward, I promise!). We offer bra fittings for FREE! You guys should totally be taking advantage of this! Wearing a bra that doesn’t fit properly can lead to pain and irritation along the neck and shoulders. This can cause back pain, and even headaches. Wearing bras that are too small can also cause the breasts to stretch which can cause sagging. Our bodies change all the time, because of this it’s best to get fitted every 3-6 months. Everyone’s body is different. So you may not need a fitting that often, or you may need one more often if you notice any pain caused by your bra. Once we know what the problem is we can help you find a bra that’s perfect for you such as our Flirt Demi Bra.





Wearing the Wrong Kind of Bra

Every woman should have a different selection of bras for different occasions. Push-up bras for those shirts that make us look a little too flat & bralettes to wear with those cute tank tops. We need to make sure all of our bras are the correct style as well as size. Our bodies change rapidly so it is not uncommon to have a few different styles and even different sizes depending on the day. The style of your bra is just as important as the size. We need to take time when selecting bras. Lingerie shopping shouldn’t be a rushed job. You really need to take time and find which bra is best for you. There are a ton of options for every 'problem'. Different bras to hide straps, eliminate shoulder pain and underwire pokes, like our Elomi Tia Bandless Bra. You really need to take time when lingerie shopping and keep all these ‘problems’ you want to solve in mind.



Not Replacing Bras

All of us have our favorite bras that we like to wear over and over and wash (sometimes). However, wearing them day after day can cause your bras to lose their elasticity quickly and washing them frequently can cause them to fade. You really need about eight to ten bras so that you can wear each one bi-weekly, and never have to wear the same one twice in a row without washing in between. If your favorite bras have become your only bras and you need to add a few, I suggest adding some colorful Cosabella bralettes for more of a variety. 




Throwing Lingerie in the Washing Machine

We all have busy lives, I’m just as guilty as anyone else about throwing my lingerie in the washing machine when I don’t have time to hand wash them. However throwing lingerie in the washing machine can cause the delicate material to get snagged or lace to rip. To ensure you get the maximum life out of your lingerie you should hand wash it. To do this you should soak lingerie in lukewarm water using a delicate detergent for about an hour. Then gently rub and rinse with cold water, and lay it flat to air dry. If you have to wash your lingerie in the machine, make sure to close bra hooks to prevent snagging. Better yet, separate lingerie into a washing bag. Then lay flat to air dry, NEVER EVER put lingerie in the dryer, this can cause fading, shrinking, and warping of material. You wouldn't want your new Dreamgirl Chemise to be ruined all because you threw it in the dryer. Prevent your own heartbreak! Hand wash your lingerie!


 Improper Storage

If you’re bras have started to warp or reshape themselves, it may be because you’re storing them incorrectly. T-shirt bras should be stacked on top of each other to hold the desired cup shape. If your bras have started to warp, try to re-shape them as soon as you’re done washing them while they are still wet. Place them on top of another bra with the same shape so that it can dry correctly. You should never store bras and panties or anything with lace in the same drawer. Your bra hooks can snag the lace ripping it or leaving small holes. To prevent this store them separately or try one of our bra bags for your lingerie drawer.





Wearing Nothing But Thongs

I’ll admit it, thongs are amazing. They’re soft, sexy, and they don’t cause panty lines. Making them perfect for literally every outfit. Like this gorgeous iCollection Amber Teddyhow cute would this be poking out from under a tank top?! However, there is a down side. Since thongs have so little material, they don’t provide much protection. Wearing thongs everyday can increase your chances of bacterial or yeast infections. If you’re prone to these infections, your best option is to go with a cotton panty that isn’t too tight. Wearing thongs to sleep can also be a factor for these infections, wearing cotton panties to sleep is a good option. However it's healthier if you just sleep without panties altogether...


Have you ever made any of these mistakes?

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  1. Shawnda Alderson Shawnda Alderson

    Wow! I had no idea about the bras. I definitely need to get fitted and purchase a few more.

  2. Susan Shaw Susan Shaw

    Great information in this article! I have made a ton of the "mistakes" mentioned in the article myself! But, knowledgeable is power - and I am glad to know how to properly care for my lingerie. I had also never heard about wearing thongs too much (or not wearing them to sleep in) - I'm sure my husband would love that as well! ;)
    Thank you so much for the tips!
    PS - your work is amazing!

  3. Nicarah Nicarah

    Not gonna lie, machine washing my lingerie is my downfall. I do at least put it in on the "hand wash" setting and then lay it flat to dry.

  4. Nikki Monroe Nikki Monroe

    I have made all this mistakes before! Next time I am close to your store I am going to come in and get fitted! I have been wanting to do that for a long time now! I have had 3 babies in 3 years and I am clueless about what size I actually am!

  5. Halee Halee

    I never have enough bras. I have 2. One that fits and one that is 2 years old and stretched accordingly. So of course I don't wash as often as I should either. I wear the old ones on my sweaty days and the new one when that is less a risk.
    It's too expensive and too hard to come by bras that fit.

  6. Nicole Nicole

    I didn't realize I made some of these mistakes until I read this....I have never been fitted as one and I couldn't tell you for the life of me if I am wearing the right bra!

  7. Katelyn Katelyn

    Definitely always pay attention to the washing instructions! And storage DOES make a huge difference in bras!

  8. Courtney Courtney

    Oh, man. I so wash my stuff! And dry in the dryer. I'm soooorrrryyyy! I really need to get down there and get fitted, too! I have ONE bra I LOVE and the under wire is poking out of BOTH cups.

  9. Julie Newton Julie Newton

    I'm guilty of all these. I don't get fitted each time I buy a new bra I go off color and cuteness. 99% oh my undies are in my drawers just stuffed in there. Looks like I'll have to go bra shopping. Good read!

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