Advice From An Expert On Buying & Wearing Lingerie - ANGIE DAVIS

Advice From An Expert On Buying & Wearing Lingerie

Advice From An Expert On Buying & Wearing Lingerie

Lingerie is beautiful, but it can also be terrifying for some.

Valentine's Day is coming up, and I figured many of you who follow us may be slipping into something lacy in the next week. If you are new to wearing lingerie you may not know the difference between a chemise, garter, balconette, or a teddy, and that is OKAY! We all have to start somewhere, and I suggest starting with the easiest. Lingerie can get complicated. If you have ever tried to hook a thigh high to a garter belt on the back side of your thigh then you know exactly what I am talking about. Honestly, I think those things defy the Laws of Physics! LOL!




So wear should you start? Start with simple, lacy pieces that are soft, easy to put on and feel wonderful on your skin. A bralette and lace cheeky is super easy to put on, and are so very sexy. These items can easily be part of your daily wear lingerie too. How wonderful does going to work with soft, comfortable and beautiful lace under your clothes sound? Building your lingerie selection from the ground up is the best way to get started. You can also start with a demi lace bra or a lace balconette bra. Both can be your work horse, so to speak. Functionality, comfort, support, and sexy all wrapped up in one pretty lacy bow.


My next advice is to always go to a professional who can fit you properly. The girls falling out or bands that are too tight can make a day (or night) of wearing lingerie a terrible experience. We offer complimentary fittings at ANGIE DAVIS. We do this because we want you to love what you purchase and come back to us to buy more. Plus, we care. We care about how our clients feel about themselves and we want to give everyone the best opportunity to feel comfortable in everything they purchase from us. When you come in for your fitting we will measure you so we can get a starting point for what size bra to put you in. Every woman is different and all bras are made different, but measuring is a great way to start to find your new favorite bra.




Above left is our new lace demi bra. When we received it in I immediately tried it on. I loved it so much that I literally threw away the bra I was wearing and kept wearing this one, and then I called my supplier and ordered a ton more sizes and colors. They should be here sometime this week. I might have ordered my size in every color too. ;) Above right is our new balconette bra. We carry this style in black and nude up to size 40H. We have 42 band sizes on the way. They too should be here sometime this week. This bra is one of our most popular bras. They comfort of the material and the support it offers is by far superior to many bras on the market. Almost every woman who has tried it on has bought it.


For those who may be a lingerie superstar with a drawer full of lacy pretties, or if you are a lingerie novice, but want to take the plunge into sexier pieces, below are some of our favorites that we love.














  1. Angie Davis Angie Davis

    You are so very welcome & that you so much for your wonderful comment! I can't wait to see you again! Love you too!


  2. Connie wilson Connie wilson

    Thank you for writing this very good advise and with my body changing over time i need sized. I do love to wear pretty things and love the things you get. One thing i would love is the silky neglige how ever you spell that sorry. Sometimes a silky nighty is nice in black or purple ya know lol. You guys rock and love ya angie

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