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Lingerie For Your Body Type

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Lingerie For Your Body Type

We all have ‘basic’ lingerie. Strapless and nude bras, staple lingerie for work, day-to-day activities, and even some for play. What about the lingerie that makes you feel sexy? Not your everyday bra, and (sometimes) matching panty. Your lingerie that makes you feel confident and stylish. When shopping for lingerie, it can be easy to get discouraged, especially if nothing fits you correctly. After all, sexy lingerie is all about the fit, and how the lingerie flatters your body. Sometimes it’s hard to know what styles look best on your figure, so we’ve compiled a list to make it easier!





Hourglass Figure

The almighty hourglass figure. You can wear just about anything, and get away with it. However, as with all things, there are some styles that just look better on your proportionate shoulders and hips. Since your waist is so small, we want to bring some added attention to it. I suggest something with a garter belt like our Lace Core Bralette and Garter Thong or our icollection Over The Moon Set. Both come in sizes S - 3X!



Ittie Bittie Tittie Committee

Mother Nature decided to gift you with little less in the bust area. Which is perfectly fine. I’m a member of this committee and I love it. Members of this committee don’t need a whole lot of support. You can play around with different styles, and have a wider variety to choose from. If you have small breasts you probably also have small or narrow shoulders, so your bra straps are constantly falling down. My suggestion would be to go with one of our Cosabella racerback bralettes. I absolutely love mine. With this super cute bralette I can have a little extra support, and be super stylish with this colorful lace peeking out from under my tank tops. I don’t even have to worry about my straps falling down!!! These gorgeous bralettes come in sizes S - XL!





Pear Shapes

You ladies who have small chests and shoulders like the ittie bittie tittie committee, however, mother nature gave you lovely ladies those sexy curves. You ladies need to be showing them off with one of our Mapale Wet Roses Teddies. These are perfect because the graphic print draws the eye up, while still showing off those curves.






Finding a tank top that fits can take ages. It seems like whoever designed tank tops was 7ft tall. Finding one that fits correctly can suck, but you know what doesn’t suck? The fact that you’re frame makes it easy to wear basically any type of lingerie! You could really go any direction, however, since you don’t need as much support, I would suggest something a little more ‘out of the box’ like our Fantasy Four Piece Garter Set. This sexy number can be worn as is or dressed up with some thigh highs for a sexy polished look.






Bralettes and lace bras are adorable, but you’re going to need some more support to keep your girls where they need to be - in your bra! Try one of our Curvy Couture Tulip Bras, it comes in sizes 36C to 46H! These bras are made for women who are a little more gifted in the bust area. This bra will help keep your girls where they need to be, and even help with issues like back and shoulder pain.





Long Legs

You’ve got legs for days! It can be torture finding jeans the right length, but luckily lingerie won’t be so tricky! Show off those amazing legs with a sexy teddy like out Mapale Pastel Lace Teddy. This teddy is super cute, soft, and will show off those sexy legs! This lovely outfit come in Lilac and Aqua, sizes S - XL!






You ladies have those broad shoulders, and some of you are up there with our busty women. You could also go with our tulip bra, but my suggestion would be our iCollection Allison Babydoll. This babydoll offers support, and will accentuate those shoulders and curves. Not to mention you'll be adorable in this sexy floral pattern!



Did you like the lingerie for your bodytype? 

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  1. Hannah O'Meara Hannah O'Meara

    I fall under the petite category and I absolutely LOVE that four piece set!! I own a couple of your lingerie pieces and can't wait to get more!

  2. april scheineman april scheineman

    this is great! thanks ladies for posting this on your website...some of us NEED help in this department! Im all the way in Bryant but i do love checking out whats new!

  3. LaNae LaNae

    I love everything you post, you make women of all shapes and sizes have confidence. I can't wait to come to your store and get something that makes me feel beautiful.

  4. Victoria Victoria

    How do you know what shape you are when you're just fat? Lol Not being mean or rude or saying fat is bad. Just saying, for me...I'm fat and can't tell but id like to be able to look sexy in my own skin.

  5. Jennifer Jennifer

    I love the explanations but I'm still at a loss...I'm busty, long torso, long legs and have a more athetic body type (well before kids add some love handles). I'm not apple shaped bc I got more going on in the bottom than that... lingerie and swim wear are my least favorite things to shop for.

  6. tonia tonia

    yes I loved the explanation for different body types. Was always confused when looking at lingerie online.

  7. Ashley Courson Ashley Courson

    By coming into your store I realized, with the help of the awesome young lady that helped me, that I can feel good in lingerie. There are pieces that can cover those "areas" that tend to make me feel uncomfortable in lingerie. Thank you for having something for everybody! I so enjoyed the experience with my husband as well!!

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