Sticks and Stones are the Least of Our Problems - Lets Talk About the Bridal Show - ANGIE DAVIS

Sticks and Stones are the Least of our Problems - Lets Talk About the Bridal Show

Sticks and Stones are the Least of our Problems  - Lets Talk About the Bridal Show

If you didn't make it to the Bridal Show you missed out! Our staff, models, and our new friends all had so much fun! There were so many cool vendors, food, dancing, and music. Plus there were super cute animals from the zoo! Arkansas Democrat-Gazette really knows how to party! We are so happy to have been a part of this show! In our business, especially since we are so unique, not many organizations take the time to research us and understand what we do. So we are incredibly thankful to Arkansas Democrat Gazette for including us in their event!


We also want to thank everyone who came to our table and chatted with us! You guys rock! We had so many people tell us so many wonderful stories about how we had helped friends. We also had the opportunity to inform a lot of brides about our lingerie parties and free gift wrapping! As well as inform a number people who had never heard of us about all the services we offer. Such as complimentary bra fittings and bridal registry! You were all amazing and we loved talking with all of you!



We are also incredibly thankful to all of our lovely models! I was so happy with our turn out. We had models of all shapes and sizes, all races and ages. You lovely ladies absolutely killed it on the runway! Every single one of you looked like a supermodel! I know it takes a lot of guts to get up on the runway, especially in front of a thousand people, and strut your stuff. Every single one of the models in the fashion show was amazing! Especially our stand in model. One of our male models had to cancel last minute. Luckily, Savannah ran into a very nice gentlemen on the elevator who volunteered to help us out. Thanks elevator guy! Click here to watch our amazing models in the fashion show!

 I’m sure that the majority of the participants at the bridal show are in total agreeance with me that the models were lovely, the party was rocking, and our booth was tasteful. However, not everyone had nice things to say. Since our business is so unique, I’ve come to expect that what we do makes some people feel awkward or uncomfortable. People like the ones I'm about to mention are why our business exists. We are here to show women that these comments and looks don’t matter. We are confident women trying to show other women that they can be confident too. We are trying to build a community of women that lift each other up, not tear each other down. We’ve made a lot of progress, but the women mentioned below just prove that we still have a lot of work to do.



Let’s start with the ladies we sat in front of during the fashion show. These were not young girls, these were grown women. During the entire fashion show, these women had something to say about almost every model. They made comments such as, “She looks so stiff,” or “She is way too big for that outfit,” or “You can tell she doesn’t know what she’s doing.” To these women I would just like to tell you, that you are the reason why fourteen year olds cry. These models are BRAVE. They had the guts to stand alone in front of a thousand people and represent companies and businesses. That is a lot of pressure. I bet every single one of them was worried about people like you being in the audience. Nonetheless, every single one of them got up there and walked it out anyway. What if those models had heard you? What if they had heard your cruel comments and taken them to heart? Those same models may not ever walk a runway again. They may not ever get in front of an audience again because of your unnecessary rude remarks.



Our words have such a huge impact. Words are powerful things that have the ability to tear someone down or lift them up. I was appalled that these grown women reminded me so much of middle schoolers. Making fun, just for fun. Saying cruel things is not fun. Having something cruel said about you isn’t fun. Our words are powerful things that have the ability to make people feel certain ways. With such a great power, why on earth would you use it to tear someone down? Why would you use such a wonderful gift to criticize a young girl for looking nervous? Why wouldn’t you just use it to cheer her on and make her feel better?

After the fashion show ended I’ll admit I was relieved. We left immediately, avoiding eye contact with these women. We were all happy to get away from the negativity. Unfortunately, the negative attitudes didn’t end at the fashion show. There were a few ladies at the bridal show who quite literally turned their noses at us. Before I get into specifics, I would like to thank all the wonderful people who stopped at our table. We had so many awesome stories about friends we had helped and back pain we had solved. You guys were amazing! I just wish everyone had been as lovely as you! However, there were so many ladies who walked by our table and gave us dirty looks. At first I tried to ignore them thinking maybe it wasn’t us. Maybe their gum had just gone sour or something. Then the mean comments started coming our way. There weren’t too many thankfully, but I would like to address two comments in particular.



To the lady who looked at our table and said, “This is not the place for that.” The bridal show isn’t the place for what? To inform future brides about lingerie parties and free gift wrapping? To inform them that we have an awesome private studio as a venue for those lingerie parties? To inform brides we offer bridal registries? I bet that's why she was so upset. Now that I think about it, the bridal show wasn’t a great place to let brides know where they can get bridal shoes, lingerie, robes and jewelry. I would have been upset too if someone were trying to tell me where to get wedding dress lingerie. I bet what really ticked her off is that we offer boudoir sessions. I can see why. A photo session to promote body positive images for self confidence before a wedding is just a terrible idea. Maybe the bridal show wasn’t the place to try and provide all this information.


To the lady who said, “I would never buy anything from that store.” I totally don’t blame you. I wouldn’t shop here either seeing that we have bras up to size O, and bands up to 52. Shopping in our store must be a nightmare. Considering we have a professionally trained staff that offer free bra fittings with no appointment necessary. How dare we. I can completely understand your boycott of our store, considering our price range is from $10 - $150. How dare we consider every woman’s size AND budget. I bet she didn’t appreciate that we don’t just sell functional bras, but panties, sexy lingerie, nursing bras, active wear, and men’s underwear as well. I bet she totally hates that we sell pima cotton pajamas, that fabric is so soft its a crime! We are just jerks, thinking about the comfort, size, and budget of our customers. You know, I bet she won’t shop here because of all our blogs. I bet she doesn’t appreciate all the free information we provide about things like; nursing bras, bra fittings, body type specific lingerie, updating lingerie, lingerie mistakes, and so much more. We really are just jerks trying to provide free information, soft pajamas, size and budget options, and amazing customer service. Just jerks. 

With all of these comments, looks, and attitudes being addressed, I would like to say that these women in no way ruined the bridal show for us. Despite all the people trying to ruin our day it was still amazing. We made many new friends, our models were amazing, and one of our friends found out he’s going to be a father! A few years ago Jelly Bean proposed to his wife Quinn at the bridal show, and this year she got him back. She gave him one of our gift bags on stage, but instead of lingerie he received a positive pregnancy test! Click here to see her pregnancy announcement. Congratulations Quinn and Jelly Bean! We are so happy for you! Thank you to everyone who made this Bridal Show one to remember. We love and appreciate all of you!

We hope to see you at the Conway Bridal Show this Sunday, February 18th at the Conway Event Center!

What would you have done if you were sitting in front of those ladies at the fashion show?

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  1. Amanda Allen Amanda Allen

    I would’ve sat in front of the cheering so loud that y’all wouldbt have even had a clue they were being ugly!

  2. Julie Watson Julie Watson

    Congratulations on your business and the very tasteful job your models performed at the Bridal Show. Unfortunately there will always be negative people in the world. Small minded and insecure are the words that popped into my mind when I read your article. My experience growing up was one that I think a lot of women my age go through. My mother is super religious and was very uncomfortable talking about the female body and so she passed this on to me and my sisters as her mother passed it on to her. I have always been heavy set and very self conscious so when it came time to purchase bras or anything intimate, I did not have a clue where to start and dare not ask my mother. I was fortunate enough to have girlfriends that shared their knowledge with me and were not judge mental. And even though women like the ones you mentioned can take me back to that place of insecurity, it’s brief, because I am so more confident with myself now as an adult and part of that is because of businesses like yours. I would have told those ladies to not be jealous of the confidence your beautiful brave models have. Let’s spend more time building up than tearing down. Beauty comes in all colors, shapes, sizes and ages.

  3. FormerCupidsManager FormerCupidsManager

    Been there, done that, as they say...
    I wish I had wonderful wise words to share, but it's late and I don't. As a former lingerie & more store manager I know exactly what you've gone through. My experience at the LR bridal show several years ago was horrible;on the flip side the show (& crowd) in Conway were fantastic.
    Best wishes!

  4. Kara Kara

    I would tell them what I tell my 14 year old daughter, "Genuine kindness is the most beautiful thing in the world." It hurts me to hear women put down women. We must build each other up, advocate for each other, and be accountable for kindness. #strongwomen. Btw...after I saw your post, I reached out to my girlfriends to plan a girls' day at your store. We'll be coming at you from Morrilton!

  5. Kristin Robinson Kristin Robinson

    I did not realize that y'all sold larger sizes! You selling your wares there was so appropriate and because of this amazing post, I'll be by soon to shop!

  6. Casey Manning Casey Manning

    I think what you do for women is amazing. You show so many women the beauty they’ve always had but, for whatever reason, struggled with seeing on their own. What a wonderful gift!

    As for those negative people and their negative comments, just feel sorry for them. Obviously, they are too closed minded to see the bigger beautiful picture and, because of that, miss out on the positive and empowering experience you give so many women. Don’t waste your breath on them!

    As for future shows, I think it would be wonderful if you could encorporate positive comments and testimony from some of your clients. Maybe having some of your photography printed large, almost poster like, with a quote, feedback, comment, etc from that client as to how Angie Davis positively impacted their life. I know some women might not be comfortable doing that but I think enough would to make an impact. It would be really great if you got the chance to speak to crowds at events like this yourself and really educate them on what all you offer and then you could include the wonderful feedback you get from clients on how your services positively impacted their life. I like to think that most negativity is brought on by a lack of education so maybe that would help to open eyes.

    At the end of the day though, you have built a business that is so wonderful for so many women in so many ways and if someone can’t see that...well, screw ‘em! They obviously have a rather large stick stuck up their butts which they’ve grown to enjoy; super unfortunate for them!

    Thanks so much for unapologetically doing and loving what you do!

    Casey Manning

  7. Whitney Whitney

    I would probably have waited u til the show ended and politely asked them how much they were getting paid for all that negativity. Who hired them to be so awful because I couldn’t imagine a good person doing that for free.


    I would done exactly has you have. To address them at the time would have only been meet with defensive attitudes and may have ruined a great day by others peoples insecurities. I've always heard what someone says about others and how they treat eachother is a direct reflection of themselves. I believe it. Choose instead to try to build them up so that maybe they to will learn to love themselves.

  9. Haley Haley

    I love you guys! Never let the jerks get you down. You are changing women’s lives all over central AR. I would have asked those ladies at the fashion show to be in the next one since they are experts. Maybe then they will understand the guts it takes to model lingerie!

  10. Staci Miller Staci Miller

    I love you and everything you have created with your business model! KEEP IT UP AND LET THEM BE SOUR! You are empowering women to feel good about themselves. It's not just about feeling sexy ... it's about feeling comfortable with the body God gave you. I bet the Negative Nancies from the Bridal Show have never been turned away from a store because they didn't carry their size. Maybe they are so moody because their bra band is actually the wrong size? Too bad there isn't a place where they can get fitted properly.

  11. Barbara Williams Barbara Williams

    I am so happy to see your store here in Arkansas. I am looking forward to shopping with you soon! If I had been sitting behind those rude women I probably would have just told them to shut the fuck up, lol. "Didn't your mother teach you that if you don't have anything nice to say, you should keep your goddamn mouth shut?"

  12. Danielle Danielle

    I would have turned around and said “Excuse me, I’m trying to enjoy the show that reflects and celebrates we all are different sizes. If you think that you can do better than these models please jump up on the runway or be quiet and let the professionals work.”

  13. Marlus Marlus

    I would have asked why they weren't up there since they knew everything about everything that should have been going on up on that stage.

  14. Jessi Jessi

    Don’t push your own insecurities on these confident women. There’s enough insecurity in the world without having to create more.

  15. Cheyenne Cheyenne

    I love your store! I hate how some people can just be so negative all the time. I probably would’ve turned around and told them to get on the stage and see how hard it is to put yourself out there like that! Please keep doing everything y’all are doing! Can’t wait to come back and get some more stuff!!!

  16. Holly Herron Holly Herron

    I would have told them to STFU. I have zero tolerance for people like that, and the older I get, the more likely it is that I will spout my mouth off.

  17. Sarah Stevenson Sarah Stevenson

    Shame on them! I would’ve hushed them. We have needed a lingerie store in Conway for a long time! I would’ve told them they may be happier if they were actually shopping from a store like Angie Davis

  18. Jessica Hubbard Jessica Hubbard

    Let me start off by saying that y'all are AMAZING. You give women confidence that they NEVER thought they had. And that right there is so great. I sat to the right of the stage, right up on the stage. When these women started to walk out, I was so jealous. I could literally feel the confidence radiating off of them. Yes, I bet some felt scared to get up in front of hundreds of people, but they did absolutely amazing. They strutted their stuff down the runway without a care in the world. I was so hype to see them up there with the beautiful lingerie and pajamas on. And let me tell you, my voice was so hoarse the next day from yelling and cheering them on. Because THEY DESERVED IT! They had enough confidence to walk on that stage and give it their all. They did amazing and you made it happen!

  19. Stacy Snoddy Stacy Snoddy

    Angie and Staff- thank y’all for just being y’all. Haters gonna hate but in the end love wins!!! Happy Valentines Day to all of you:)

  20. Michella Michella

    I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut when I hear ridiculous and rude comments like that. (Especially right now due to grumpy pregnancy hormones

  21. Brianna Hickey Brianna Hickey

    Kill them with kindness!! I would have tapped them on the shoulder and handed them a business card and a swag bag

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