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We're a Lingerie Store Not a Sex Shop

We're a Lingerie Store Not a Sex Shop

I won't say what specific event it was because I don't want to cause drama for them. And let me be clear, most all of Conway has accepted our store with open arms & have been nothing but supportive & helpful!

UPDATE: This organization was not UCA. They were one of the first organizations to reach out to us & we are very grateful for them.

I thought long and hard about if I wanted to write this post or not, but I feel like this is something that we need to talk about. When we first opened ANGIE DAVIS we were all very excited and rightfully so. In honor of the grand opening Angie wanted to give back to our community and attempted to give a charity a percentage of her profits. The charity denied her donation due the content of her store. We were all a little shocked, and saddened by this to say the least. To be honest my immediate thoughts were “their loss.” I couldn’t believe a charity would deny a donation for any reason and I certainly didn’t think it would ever happen again. However, our store recently applied to be a part of an event that welcomed young adults to our Conway community. We were denied from this event as well due to the content of our store. This time I was not only sad but absolutely shocked. This was an event to help people get to know about our community. I feel that we were cheated out of an important opportunity to show young women coming in our community where they can find something that is relevant to their everyday lives. All because our content is "inappropriate". The content of our store is far from inappropriate and let me tell you why.



Everyone Wears Underwear

I’ll admit, not everyone wears lingerie, however, everyone wears underwear. That’s why we sell women’s lingerie and men’s underwear. There’s something for EVERYONE at our store. We sell items that people wear everyday, like our Fuchsia Lace Teddy or our Envy Boxers. While it is true that women do not particularly need fancy lingerie, all women should have comfortable and supportive bras and underwear.

Wearing the wrong size bra can lead to shoulder, neck and back pain that can cause headaches, and even stretching of the breast ligaments. Which is no fun. At all. That’s why we offer complimentary bra fittings and bras up to size K! So that every woman can find the right bra for her. We know how important it is that you feel comfortable in your lingerie all day. Finding the right bra for you should be something you’re comfortable with. Lingerie isn’t inappropriate. We need stop treating it like it is. This causes women especially younger girls to find the first bra they think fits, and throw it in the bottom of their shopping cart so no one sees it until they check out. Women should feel comfortable spending time to find the right lingerie that fits her body perfectly.




We’re Actually Selling Confidence

My best friend in high school started wearing makeup before everyone else. She would always wear the cutest outfits and this lipstick that made her “feel like Marilyn Monroe.” I hardly ever wore makeup in high school and when I asked her why she spent so much time to get ready she told me, “My mom always says when you look your best you feel your best. So why wouldn’t I want to feel my best everyday?” I feel my best when I am completely “put together.” This means my hair and makeup are done, my outfit matches, and if I'm feeling really daring I’ll even do my nails. Before I do any of those things though, I pick out my lingerie for the day. I no longer own any lingerie that makes me feel uncomfortable. I own pretty much nothing but racerback bralettes because those are what I feel most comfortable and confident in. Other women feel more comfortable in push-up bras, or teddies. That’s perfectly fine. You should know what lingerie is your favorite, and to do that you need to have the confidence to go find out. Women won’t do that if we keep showing them that lingerie is inappropriate.

Lingerie is just as important as the clothes you wear on top of it. You know how your favorite dress makes you feel like you could conquer anything? Well your lingerie should be giving you that feeling everyday. If it isn't try out our Escante Goddess Teddy. Lingerie is the foundation of your clothing. Just because no one sees your lingerie does not make it any less important. In fact, it should make it more important because it’s just for you. Lingerie is an extension of yourself and your personality that you don’t have to share with anyone else if you don’t want to. We need to show young women that lingerie is not something to be ashamed of. Lingerie is something to be proud of. It is something to comfortable in, and something you should be comfortable with. No one should ever be uncomfortable buying lingerie. What you wear under your clothing is equally as important as what you wear on top of it.




Sexy Doesn’t Mean Sex

We are a boudoir studio as well as a lingerie store. We do photograph women in lingerie (and sometimes no lingerie). Yes, this does make women feel *gasp* sexy. However, despite what you might think this is not just for sex. Sure, ladies buy lingerie for their husbands, or significant others, and they commission these boudoir sessions as gifts to those significant others. However, these sessions, as much as we say it’s for the men, it’s really for the women. Sure their significant others get to look at their beautiful art, but these women get to come in and feel like a supermodel for a day. She gets to come in and pick out gorgeous lingerie that fits her perfectly and shows off her best features. On the day of her session she comes in, sits in our chair and lets one of our make up artists make her look amazing. When she sees her images she doesn’t just see photographs. She sees what her husband sees when he looks at her everyday.

She sees how beautiful she really is. No matter who you are, model or mom, we all have those days where we look in the mirror and all we can see are those ‘imperfections’ we think we have. On those days it’s important to remind yourself how beautiful you really are. That’s why what we do is so important. On these days women can put on their favorite lingerie, look in the mirror and see someone who is adorned in gorgeous lace or sheer material that brings out her gorgeous skin tone & lovely eyes. Then she can be reminded that she is the only one who sees these 'imperfections'. Everyone else sees how beautiful she is. There is nothing inappropriate about that.


Have you ever been afraid or embarrassed to buy lingerie? 

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ANGIE DAVIS is a lingerie boutique & boudoir studio in Conway, Arkansas. Shop our website or come into the store and let us help you find the perfect piece of lingerie, your new favorite shoes, some gorgeous jewelry or the perfect fitting bra. We also offer bridal registry & lingerie parties!

 1131 Front St. Conway, AR 72032 - 501-450-4886 - [email protected]ANGIEDAVISBoudoir.com




  1. Tiana Tiana

    I did not know there was a store in Conway that sold my size bra until I saw this article on Facebook. Now I have to find you and come explore. Thank you for opening your store.

  2. Jennifer Jennifer

    I feel awkward in lingerie...I also have trouble finding something that truly fits me...I have a long torso and I wear a 34DDD(at least that's what size I feel fits me best...but every set of breast are made different and I feel like my boobs sag to much, and tend to travel toward my sides rather than stat where they should...after have kids I have a mom pooch that gives me a Muffin top if I'm not careful. I also have a lot of stretch marks on my stomach (they no longer bother me, I'm proud of them)...I feel like all of these things combined doesn't make my body as sexy as my husband thinks it is...I see the imperfections and feel almost ashamed of my body...I didn't look this way when we got married. I feel sexier fully clothed with a good supporting bra holding the girls up...I used to be proud of my body, but I only see what isn't the way it should be. I think Soo much lingerie is gorgeous but won't even try it on bc of how awful I think it will look. It's also not confidence boosting when the girl that is helping you looks like a perky model with a great figure. My bra size gives me issues with finding sexy cute things bc I need something larger in top and smaller in the bottom...next to bathing suits, lingerie is my least favorite thing to shop for...

  3. Alicia Alicia

    I’ve certainly been embarrassed looking or shopping for lingerie - even simple stuff that’s not all lacy and cute. You almost feel like everyone is looking at what you bought and judging you. I’m certainly planning on checking out your store for a nursing bra soon since it’s hard to find a good one that fits, meets your nursing needs, and makes you feel good about wearing it.

  4. Diane lawrence Diane lawrence

    I can't believe how this one charity turned y'all down. They shouldn't deny money coming in. Guess they were to good to accept ur money. There isn't anything wrong your shop. Everyone wears panties, bra, and men's underwear. Your store has helped me not be afraid to wear lingerie. There is other stores in town that has some things that may not be the best items to have in their stores. No one is hating on them. Thanks for having an awesome store.

  5. Jeff Jeff

    It's especially difficult for men to shop for lingerie. Generally treated poorly by the staff in the stores. There is so much judgment surrounding an article of apparel that pretty much everyone wears. And, really, everyone needs.

  6. Mary Mary

    I hope this organization wasn't Hendrix College! I'm a student there, and I think it would be a great thing for our students to learn more about your store, especially given the proximity of it to our campus.

  7. Kayla Kayla

    I absolutely love your store and enjoy looking at the pictures from the boudoir shoots that you do!! Absolutely stunning!! I'm so sorry this had to happen to you, you have such a great thing going!! I have however always been embarrassed to try on lingerie because I feel "too big". I've always been the one to criticize every little thing about myself!

  8. Gail Dunaway Gail Dunaway

    This is such a wonderfully written article. This town should be thankful to have a women's lingerie boutique. I'm never embarrassed to purchase lingerie but right now my goal is to lose weight so I feel confident in it and have pictures taken at your studio! My goal is to have them done by Christmas!!!

  9. Heather Heather

    How is it ok for VS to flaunt it all, but you can't? Whatever happened to shop local and supporting local businesses? I support you 100%! You are a great store. No matter how uncomfortable I feel when I walk in, you ladies make all that disappear before I walk out. Even when I have 3 small boys following behind me.

  10. Nikk Monroe Nikk Monroe

    This makes me so sad that the community event isn't letting y'all participate. They are really missing out on a great store.

    . Before I had my 3 kiddos I wouldn't have felt embarrassed at all. I was ALOT thinner and had more confidence then. Now 3 kids later and baby weight I would definitely feel embarrassed. I just don't know if the cute sexy stuff would look good on my body and that makes me nervous.

  11. Kathy Hall Kathy Hall

    Ok here I go again! If we don't have a shop like this with knowledgable people to help our young ladies take care of their breast than everyone's going to be in pain! Women from hurting bc their bra doesn't fit and men bc they will have to deal with women being grumpy! AND I'm just gonna throw this out there .....my parents have been married almost 60 years. They LOVE each other so much! I do remember that my mother always wore pretty lingerie. It doesn't have to be revealing to be beautiful! That taught me that you had a responsibility to take care of yourself for you and your spouse! Even the Bible teaches this is the way men and women should be in a healthy marriage. And ladies I PROMISE if you frequent this shop you are going to be healthier, happier and so will your spouse.... And you might even teach your children how to stay married for a really long time too!

  12. Dora Dora

    Don't let the refusal do anything other than encourage you to educate the public more! I've never felt like lingerie was easy to buy - i was always disappointed to find only size small or medium in a nything. I can't wait to visit your store!!!

  13. Jenn Jenn

    I have always been quite the tomboy and never really felt "sexy" and my daily go to on the exterior is basic jeans and my work t-shirt. But, I will say this, I always make a point of having my bra and panties match.... Something about it makes me feel like I have my sh!t together. Lol. Silly I know, but I know he is peeking when I'm getting dressed or undressed for the day, and at least if they match, I feel like the parts I'm so very uncomfortable with are much less noticeable. At least they are to me.

  14. Molly Molly

    I'm so sorry this has happened to you.

    I think you responded in the most graceful, appropriate way with your words. I'm not understanding - in our community there are many advertisements for ACTUAL sex shops and I really think it's accepted more than this instance. They are completely disregarding the fact that you offer more than just lingerie (yes, underwear that I'm sure many other vendors who will be present also sell), and that you also have many other items like sports team accessories, etc.

    All of that (that you already know!) to say go on, girl! You are one of the many unique locations our community has and needs more of.

  15. Tabatha Jones Tabatha Jones

    Angie that is ridiculous some people just can't & won't grow up! I love everything about your store & I haven't even been in there yet!!!

  16. Angela Angela

    You would think people would informed themselves about a business before passing judgement, I think it is very important for a business to be able to reach out and be welcomed in events, they could have asked to maybe put out there the less adveturous pieces if anything but they can't say they cover their eyes every time they walk by victoria secret in the mall. Kuddos to you for trying to help this community. And yes I wish I had the confidence to do a boudoir sessin.

  17. LaNae LaNae

    I hate buying bra and panties usually just grab something and go. Im bigger than I want to be and nothing fits right. Your shop/studio is amazing I love seeing the blogs and how confident you make your clients feel.

  18. Nicole Horvath Nicole Horvath

    I don't feel embarrassed but I do feel like I don't take the time out to myself to buy something NICER than a good pair of granny hanes panties!

  19. Tonya Tonya

    I've never been embarrassed to by lingerie. Most women buy bras and panties and so what if the ones I like have lace or cut outs. I am very sorry your business was denied the ability to donate. I haven't personally had the chance to shop inside your store (hopefully will be making a trip to conway soon!) But, I have loved so many of the beautiful, sexy, yet very classy, items you have posted. Hope to see you at your store in the next few week!

  20. Angie Davis Angie Davis

    Pam, I am sad to know you feel that way. Do not concentrate on the things you don't like about your body. Concentrate on how beautiful those curves you have are! Plus, you aren't describing anything that most women also have! They too are sexy! Come see us and let us help you find your sexy doll!

  21. Megan Parker Megan Parker

    Wow Angie this is ridiculous! You have a great shop not only do you provide women with a way to express their selves but you also provide the products for us to purchase to feel great about ourselves on a daily basis! I am shocked that you were not allowed to donate! I am glad that you posted about this I just hope that everyone can see this and understand what you do offer! You have the most amazing and variety of bras and lingerie for every shape and size to chose from and make us feel beautiful! Thank You for speaking out!

  22. Pam Johnson Pam Johnson

    I always feel embarrassed. I sometimes feel that since I'm curvy and have lumps & stretch marks, I don't deserve to feel sexy or wear sexy lingerie.

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