What Men REALLY Think About Lingerie - ANGIE DAVIS

What Men REALLY Think About Lingerie

What Men REALLY Think About Lingerie

ANGIE DAVIS is a lingerie store & boudoir photographer.


Men love when we get all dressed up for them so why wouldn't they love for us to dress up for them in the bedroom? My husband loves when I get all dressed up for him. If we are going out or just going to the grocery store, he loves when I walk out of the bathroom looking pretty. Rather I dressed up for me or for him, he loves it, and I love how happy it makes him. When he tells me how beautiful I am it not only makes my heart skip a beat, but I feel prettier and more confident. We all want to feel beautiful, sexy and desired by our mate; it makes us feel good about ourself and gives us more confidence.


So let's take all that and talk about lingerie for a minute. Of course he loves it when your naked, and yes, he might just rip that sexy little nightie right off of you within a few seconds, but how did it make him feel when you stepped out in that soft, little lacy number? How did it make you feel? Lingerie isn't about rather you look like a super model in it or if it stays on for very long. It's about going through the trouble to dress up for him. This lets him know you care, and at the same time makes you feel more sexy. Plus, when we are dressed up we feel better. Yes, being naked is good enough and will certainly get the job done, but add lingerie to it and there's a whole new game to play.


I recently shared an article in our private, ladies Facebook group, Boudoir By ANGIE DAVIS, called I Wore Lingerie to Bed for 7 Nights. This is a great example of how her boyfriend felt so special because she was dressing up for him, but the really awesome thing about the entire story is how SHE felt. Wearing soft lace on our skin can do wonders for our self esteem, confidence and overall thoughts about our bodies. We women are beautiful. We are curvy, soft and magical creatures. We should feel like that all the time with soft lace that hugs our curves and makes us feel like a goddess all the time.


I hope you too will take the same challenge as the lady in the article did. You never know what might happen. :)


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