Five Reasons Why You Should Buy Lingerie this Valentine's Day...Even if You're Single - ANGIE DAVIS

Five Reasons Why You Should Buy Lingerie this Valentine's Day...Even if You're Single

Five Reasons Why You Should Buy Lingerie this Valentine's Day...Even if You're Single

That lovely time of year is almost here again, St. Valentine’s Day. A day of laughter, love, movies, dinner and if you're lucky maybe some lingerie. Or so we used to think. I don’t believe you should have to wait to be given lingerie as a gift from your lover. I don’t think you have to have a lover at all to buy lingerie. I know some, if not most women have thought at one time or another, "If no one is going to see it, why should I buy it?" If no one sees you eat breakfast should you still eat breakfast? You don't need a partner to enjoy the satisfaction of gorgeous lingerie because lingerie isn't for him, its for you!  




1. Lingerie was NEVER about him

We have tons of women that come into our store everyday looking for sexy lingerie to surprise their husband/boyfriend/partner with. That’s awesome, lingerie is a fabulous gift to give your special someone. However, it’s not really the lingerie that they’re giving. It’s them taking the time to go out and get glamorous for their special someone. The lingerie isn’t for the husband/boyfriend. The lingerie was always for the lady. Lingerie provides women with a chance to find something that makes them feel confident and sexy. This is what they’re giving, a glimpse at how freaking amazing they look. The gift is really sharing their confidence and sexiness. Lingerie should be a gift you give yourself. It shouldn't matter if anyone is going to see it because you are the only person whose opinion matters. You shouldn't buy lingerie just for someone else, you should buy it because you deserve to wake up in the morning and feel fabulous. You deserve to feel fabulous when you take your clothes off at night and you deserve super soft lingerie to sleep in. Sure, partners get to look at the gorgeous lingerie, but it was always for the lady. Get yourself something beautiful like our Mapale Plunging Teddy. Size up to L! This gorgeous teddy is sure to show off your sexiness with beautiful soft lace and a sexy plunging neck line. 




2. Lingerie can help you Love Yourself

You don’t need someone else to love you before you can love yourself. Just like you don’t need a man to see your lingerie to buy lingerie. Lingerie is about seeing yourself as sexy; its the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off. You shouldn't walk around all day feeling uncomfortable in a bra and panties that are low quality or don't fit well. When you invest in yourself, when you really take the time to find something that fits you well and looks good on you, you will notice a difference. You don't need someone else to see you as beautiful when you start to see yourself as beautiful. You deserve to see yourself as beautiful, gorgeous and sexy. Which is the entire point of lingerie! Everyone deserves to look at themselves in the mirror and think “Dang! I look hot!” So get yourself something hot like our Coquette Red Lace Bra Set and the matching Garter Belt



3. Lingerie can help with body empowerment

Valentine’s Day can be a very frustrating day if your single. This is a day where everything on TV and social media is all about couples. All you can see are romantic comedies and posts about how so and so got together and about how so and so got engaged. Valentine's Day is a day about love, all kinds of love, not just for couples. In honor of Valentine's Day we should really take the time to love ourselves. Everything about yourself, your struggles, your hobbies, your interests and your BODY. Lingerie isn’t just something pretty to look at; it’s a gift to yourself that can help with the days where you feel discouraged. So gift yourself this Valentines Day with our Elomi Sachi Underwire Plunge Bra. Sizes up to N! Once you treat yourself to clothing that is just for you, that fits well, feels soft and looks super sexy, you start to realize how amazing you actually look. Valentine’s day is about celebrating love, so you should start by loving yourself. Which bring us to our next point.




4. You need to Treat Yourself

There are a lot of ways to treat yourself. For example, every time I need to relax, I try to take a bubble bath. I go out and buy some Earth Luxe Candles or new body scrubs to try, so that when I have a bad day or need some me time, I already have what I need. Then when I’m done with my bubble bath I get into my softest lingerie. My favorite sleepwear that we offer is our Eyelash Lace Robe. I just got one this year for Christmas and I LOVE it. Lingerie is meant to be sexy, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy it for sex. You don’t even have to get something sexy. Just something that makes you feel good when you wear it. Something that is just for you.


5. Being single should be celebrated

Contrary to popular belief, and everything that the media is going to pumping out the next few weeks, you don’t have to be in a relationship to be happy. Being single is an amazing opportunity to do what you want when you want. You don’t have to plan around someone else, clean up after anyone else or consider their wants and needs. You have a fabulous opportunity to go out into the world and do whatever you want. You don’t have to buy those red outfits because it’s the norm for Valentine’s day (but definitely take advantage of the Valentine's Day sales). Buy your favorite color because your lingerie is about you! You should celebrate by doing whatever you want on Valentine’s day. So, go try on our Amorette Spotlight Peacock Lace Robe


 Rather you celebrate this Valentine's Day with your lover, yourself or your kitty cat, we have the right lingerie for you! Click any of the images to shop online, or check out our entire lingerie, jewelry, shoe, and gift selection here. 


Which of these reasons convinced you to go out and get yourself gorgeous lingerie?

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  1. Sarah Downey Sarah Downey

    My reason for wanting to treat myself to a lingerie is reason number 1. I want to feel confident and pretty in something totally different than just the regular underwear and bra! It’s always nice to change things up not just for your bf but for yourself!

  2. Melanie Melanie

    All of the above!!! I feel more beautiful in lovely lingerie and that comes across overall. I have also noticed that I have better posture with a corset than without one.

  3. Danielle P Danielle P

    3 & 4. It’s hard to be proud of your body when you’re always comparing to models in the photos. It’s nice that this place shows real women in the photos.

  4. Caitlyn Bowman Caitlyn Bowman

    My husband thinks lingerie is a waste of money, but for me, it makes me.feel invincible! Reason #1!

  5. Amanda Amanda

    #2 after 23yrs of marriage and being abused the last 15 yrs of it I have had to start learning to love my self again.

  6. N10 N10

    Personally, I buy it for self love. If I feel confident, I know he will see me as sexier than ever. I choose things that I know the hubs will like, and that gives me greater confidence in myself. We’ve struggled with having children, and when I can dress up and know he sees me as gorgeously sexy, it boosts my self esteem and helps the bedroom become a much more sexy, romantic place where we can enjoy each other and not be consumed with the failures and stresses of life.

  7. Tonya Tonya

    Lingerie helps me feel better about myself. Although, I have to admit I haven't purchased any in a long time. I'm recently single (almost a year now) and have started buying little things here and there for myself. It makes you feel pretty!!!

  8. Jennifer Jennifer

    Bc I need to love myself. Recently lost 90lbs and still trying to get the new body image in my head. Have to love myself to see the new girl. New lingerie helps with the new sexy self image.

  9. H miller H miller

    Because I need to feel pretty for me! Not just to hear someone else tell me I look good or I'm pretty.

  10. H miller H miller

    Because I need to feel pretty for me! Not just to hear someone else tell me I look good or I'm pretty.

  11. Shawna kage Shawna kage

    I would because I want to show myself how beautiful deep down inside I really am and deserve to know that I am

  12. Angela Jones Angela Jones

    It can help you love yourself. And body empowerment. After having a kid a year ago I'm bigger than ever (which isn't big in anyone else's opinion) but it sure would feel nice to feel better about my own body!

  13. Jeannie Jeannie

    To help you love yourself. I have felt so discouraged and like a failure in so many ways. I need to learn to love myself again!

  14. LivJ LivJ

    #4!!!! Whenever I want to treat myself, lingerie is one of the first things I buy! It's a luxury that never gets old and you get to enjoy daily. You have to wear underwear and a bra every day, so why not have it be something that feels good and looks even better?!

  15. Andrea Andrea

    Lingerie helps you show off your confidence and share it with your special someone OR just to make yourself feel sexy!!

  16. Kimberly Kimberly

    I want to feel sexy I want to see how it makes me really feel to be in beautiful sexy lengerie, to feel attractive for myself and it’s empowerment as a woman. I do for everyone else and this time I’m going to put myself first, everything mentioned above has convinced me to buy some hot Lengerie and even scheduled an appiointment to have boudoir photos made... the excitement and can’t wait, so this means I need to visit your shop before February 3rd!!

  17. Amanda W Amanda W

    #2, to love myself. After 4 kids putting on something sexy helps me love myself and feel like myself. I get to turn off mommy mode and be me!

  18. Yousra Moussa Yousra Moussa

    Being single should be celebrated! I’m single and I love to feel sexy for myself sometimes!

  19. Lindsey Selucky Lindsey Selucky

    #2 :) Feeling sexy for ourselves is a must. Loving ourselves is not only a must....But it is one of the hardest things for women to do.

  20. Heather F Heather F

    Even though I am married and my husband reminds me daily how beautiful and perfect I am, I still don't find myself beautiful and hate looking at myself in the mirror. Having a thyroid condition makes it hard to lose the weight I want and to feel good about myself. Every point in this article reminded me of why I need to feel beautiful and sexy for myself. I'm always doing for my family and kids and running two businesses, I never do anything for ME...until now!!

  21. Amanda W Amanda W

    You should wear it and buy lingerie for yourself. Just knowing you are wearing a matching, sexy bra and panties is an instant confidence booster

  22. Holly Holly

    YES, ladies - wear what YOU love. When you feel sexy and beautiful, your confidence will make you irresistible

  23. Ali Cathey Ali Cathey

    Being single should be celebrated! Because now I can buy the lingerie I think is gorgeous and I feel good in and about instead of the horribly ill fitting stuff my ex husband preferred

  24. Sonya Noyes Sonya Noyes

    For the first time in 21 years I will be single. I know that I don't need no man to make me feel beautiful. My husband would never let me buy lingerie. Now I don't need anyone's permission.

  25. Shannon Posey Shannon Posey

    You need to treat yourself! This is so important & we as women often forget this, especially if you're busy working, being a mother, etc.

  26. Monica Pudinas Monica Pudinas

    It can help with it can help with body empowerment! I am a bigger girl, always have been and always will be and need to feel beautiful. Glad you all sell plus size. It is hard to not feel self conscious!

  27. Jenn M Jenn M

    Women tend to try to do things for everyone else. It’s ok to treat ourselves sometimes too. Beautiful lingerie is a perfect “self” treat.

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